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  • Published On: May 17, 20232 min read

    BayCare Health System and healthPrecision are joining forces to co-develop an AI-based clinical decision support solution, the Medical Brain platform. The partnership aims to lighten the documentation workload of nurses, improve patient care, and streamline workflow efficiency.

    Key Points:

    • The AI tool combines natural language processing (NLP) with the expertise of nurses to support value-based care.
    • The Medical Brain platform will transcribe verbal updates from nurses into written documentation in patient EHRs, reducing manual data entry.
    • The tool can also prompt nurses regarding additional assessments or treatments, and remind them of necessary patient follow-ups.

    In a significant move aimed at reducing the documentation burden on hospital nurses, BayCare Health System and healthPrecision have announced a strategic partnership. The two organizations plan to co-develop the Medical Brain platform, an AI-based clinical decision support solution that promises […]

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