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This contact form is intended for individuals and companies seeking more information on SaaM’s professional services.

For external companies seeking Employee Verification Requests, please email us here. If you are a current W2 SaaM Consultant and need assistant, please contact your Employee Care Representative, or send us a message.

If you are seeking employment as an EHR Consultant through the SaaM Contingent Workforce Network, continue to our application page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are SaaM consultants W-2 or 1099?

SaaM only employs consultants as W2 employees and does not utilize 1099 independent contractors.

How quickly do you onboard consultants?

SaaM makes onboarding for temporary contract consultants as seamless as possible. Our Employee Care Team works to ensure that our consultants are fully onboarded and ready to work within 24 to 48 hours.

Is SaaM a non-profit organization?

No. While SaaM is a Business as Mission (BAM) and focused on giving back, we are a for-profit entity. Our investors and board of directors are from venture capital groups Clayton Associates, Altitude Ventures, and Switchpoint Ventures.

What does SaaM stand for?

Staffing as a Mission.

We were founded with the idea of giving back, focusing on career transition and leadership training. In 2022, we decided to go simply by SaaM as our services expand beyond recruiting to include multi-sector staff augmentation, EHR and Health Information Management, and various Healthcare IT Business Process Outsourcing Solutions through Virtual Support.

Do contract consultants get benefits?

Yes. All SaaM W2 employees have the option to get health insurance through the company.

How quickly do you reimburse for travel?

We actually pay for it up front on our resource’s following paycheck. Our Employee Care Team manages all arrangements for our consultants and our back office processes and handles expense reports and reimbursements requirements for you.

Are you only in the Greater Nashville area?

No. While we are based in the Greater Nashville metropolitan area we work all across North America. SaaM has worked in nearly 80% of the United States as well as in two Canadian provinces with consultants spanning five timezones.

Is SaaM only focused on healthcare?

We’re best known for our work in the Healthcare IT industry.

However, we excel in other highly regulated industries such as Banking, Financial Services, and Technology. Where we see our most success is in placing highly skilled positions in niche markets. For nearly a decade, we have built loyal and dependable talent pools that have the skillset our clients need to make a positive impact both operationally and financially.