On-Demand Experts.

There when you need them. Gone when you don’t.


On-Demand Consultants

Sourced by SaaM’s Employee Care Model enables the delivery of resources to your project site in 48 hours or less.


Go-Lives Staffed & Managed

We’ve touched over 50 health systems with our network spanning 35+ states in the U.S. and two Canadian provinces.

Learn from experts.

SaaM’s HealthIT resources are available for long-term assignments, typically 6+ months, or for short-term assignments, typically less than a month, for end-user training for Go-Lives for EHR upgrades and optimizations.

Oracle Cerner




Sourced by SaaM

We treat our consultants right. From easy onboarding, comprehensive travel done for you, to payroll and reimbursement assistance; our dedicated team provides our resources 24/7 concierge-level support while your working on the road, or from home.


Successful Projects


On-Demand Consultants

Resource Support

For our consultants to stay on the road, they need to stay happy. SaaM’s 24/7 Employee Care Team is dedicated to making work, and life on the road, more enjoyable.

  • 100% Travel Planning & Management

  • Hotel & Transportation Arrangements

  • Expense Reporting & Expedited Reimbursements

Client Support

The SaaM Employee Care Model enables the deployment and delivery of resources to a project site within 48 hours or less.

  • 24/7 Resource Management

  • On-Demand Workforce Flexibility

  • Pre-Screened for Immediate Onboarding

We also work behind the scenes.

Clinical Chart Abstraction

Support your staff with technically proficient abstractors backed by clinically-experienced auditors.

Duplicate Patient Cleanup

We provide EHR Database & Master Patient Indexes (EMPI) services for granular-level investigation.

Remote Office Support

We build teams that reduce your task load and keep your staff focused on what matters most.