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We work with the largest EHR Systems on the market, as well as niche EMR and Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) softwares.






Legacy Abstraction Services

Go-Live transitions are overwhelming and inevitably create an excess workload. Your staff should power your practice, not your data conversion.

We select the right people for the right job, and scale our teams based on demand forecast. For manual data conversion, we not only require and build teams of individuals with EMR experience, but computer proficiency to ensure high accuracy, reliable expectations and speedy delivery.

Patient schedules change by the minute. Our project management team identifies and prioritizes these changes, as well as patient populations that are most important to your practice to ensure chart abstractions before first encounters post Go-Live.

Custom reporting at your request. Prioritize our work queue by department, provider, or other specified patient populations. We provide real-time progress reporting to deliver immediate insight into the status of your project and the ability pivot if and as needed.

We invest in the right people for the right job, and charge our clients for the productivity we deliver, not the time it takes us. Demand-based deadlines are our baseline, and our teams are driven and compensated by performance, not by the hour.

Let’s get to work.

Let us help you
get it done.

We support clinical offices remotely to alleviate stress and free invaluable time, especially during Go-Live Transitions. From patient insurance and scheduling, to working with physicians to migrate encounter summaries and exam prep; we master your workflows, optimize output and scale to meet volume demands.

  • Patient Insurance
  • Immunizations
  • Family History

  • Social History

  • Surgical History
  • OGBYN History

  • Past Pregnancies
  • Past Medical History
  • Custom Workflows

77k+ Patients

Clinical Data Abstraction

“This was definitely a complicated counting process with a constantly moving target and we value your integrity based on quality work, self-management and the exceptional benefit that SAAM brought to our project.”

Chief IT Administrator

Multi-Specialty Medical Practice


“We were incredibly impressed with the work SaaM provided. We had an extremely tight timeline.

They willingly worked with our IT team to meet our security requirements. The SaaM team was very detail-oriented, and cared about the work they were doing. We were able to complete the project on time and on budget. We couldn’t be happier with the outcome!”

HIM Leader

Top 25 U.S. Multi-State Healthcare System


“After working with five EMR staffing companies, SaaM is by far and above the best at consistently providing quality resources, keeping expenses low, and providing a great experience from beginning to end.”

IT Leader

Publicly Traded Physician Technology Platform Company

Virtual Office Support.

Appropriately-Skilled Workers

Repurposing staff to execute tasks they weren’t trained for not only creates a disruption in your practice, but can lead to costly burnout and reduce physician adoption for your newly invested EHR.

Extend Your Office Hours

With our remote workforce reaching across the continental US, we work seven days a week across four time zones.

We Work Behind The Scenes

By enlisting a supplemental staff to assist your practice from a distance, we’re always in reach, but never in sight.