BayCare Health System and healthPrecision are joining forces to co-develop an AI-based clinical decision support solution, the Medical Brain platform. The partnership aims to lighten the documentation workload of nurses, improve patient care, and streamline workflow efficiency.

Key Points:

  • The AI tool combines natural language processing (NLP) with the expertise of nurses to support value-based care.
  • The Medical Brain platform will transcribe verbal updates from nurses into written documentation in patient EHRs, reducing manual data entry.
  • The tool can also prompt nurses regarding additional assessments or treatments, and remind them of necessary patient follow-ups.

In a significant move aimed at reducing the documentation burden on hospital nurses, BayCare Health System and healthPrecision have announced a strategic partnership. The two organizations plan to co-develop the Medical Brain platform, an AI-based clinical decision support solution that promises to enhance patient care and optimize workflow efficiency.

The Medical Brain platform uses a combination of natural language processing (NLP) and nurses’ expert knowledge to support value-based care. Nurses at BayCare will dictate patient updates and other relevant information to the platform via a mobile device, instead of manually entering data into a computer. The tool then converts these verbal inputs into written documentation within the patient’s EHRs.

BayCare CEO Stephanie Conners, RN, expressed her excitement about this innovative partnership. “Voice technology is the future, and its potential to improve patient care, including in hospitals, is extraordinary. Our commitment to being the best place to receive care, provide care, and work makes pioneering this innovation with healthPrecision a natural fit,” she said.

The AI tool will also remind nurses of recommended or required patient follow-ups and alert them if they miss opportunities for additional assessments or treatments. The Medical Brain platform has already been used in chronic and acute care settings for managing conditions such as diabetes, renal disease, and heart disease.

Sonia Ben Yehuda, co-founder and president of healthPrecision, spoke about their partnership with BayCare. “By empowering nurses with AI-powered documentation and decision support, we aim to optimize workflow efficiency, patient care, and nursing satisfaction. Using the Medical Brain, nurses will be able to update records immediately, facilitating collaboration with colleagues, while relieving time burdens and stress.”

In parallel, other AI-driven initiatives are being launched to support the nursing workforce, such as the partnership between Tennessee-based Ardent Health Services and software company to implement the company’s Virtual Nursing solution.

Source: HealthITAnalytics – AI Partnership to Reduce Hospital Nurses’ Documentation Burden