eClinicalWorks, the leading ambulatory cloud EHR provider, announced the integration of ChatGPT and AI models into its software offerings and plans to advance intelligent cloud technology with AI, prioritizing usability, security, and patient safety. The company recently committed $100 million to Microsoft Azure cloud services, which grants access to the latest Microsoft Cloud innovations. eClinicalWorks will integrate its EHR and Practice Management solutions with ChatGPT, cognitive services, and machine learning models from Azure OpenAI Service to enhance its technology offerings.

This strategic move follows a similar collaboration between Epic and Microsoft to harness generative AI for EHR enhancement. eClinicalWorks’ focus on implementing AI-driven technologies aims to improve the overall user experience, streamline workflows, and optimize patient care.

Key Points:

  • eClinicalWorks is integrating its EHR and Practice Management solutions with ChatGPT, cognitive services, and machine learning models from Azure OpenAI Service
  • The AI-enhanced offerings will improve the user experience, streamline administrative tasks, and empower healthcare professionals to deliver higher-quality care
  • This announcement comes at the same time of the recent collaboration between Epic and Microsoft, emphasizing the growing trend of AI integration in the healthcare industry

Girish Navani, CEO and cofounder of eClinicalWorks, expressed excitement about combining generative AI models with eClinicalWorks’ solutions in order to bring responsible AI to healthcare. The company has been exploring machine learning and data science for years, and its users have benefited from AI-based tools like eClinicalWorks Scribe. They aim to stay ahead of the technology curve and deliver more AI-based solutions to their customers. This integration will help healthcare professionals make better-informed decisions, reduce the time spent on administrative tasks, and facilitate more personalized patient interactions.

According to the company, building on the success of the eClinicalWorks V12 platform, advanced AI technology such as ChatGPT, will enhance the user experience and empower healthcare professionals to deliver the highest quality of care. The AI-enhanced offerings provided by eClinicalWorks include:

  • A conversational EHR, allowing users to gather relevant patient information by asking the EHR questions using natural language
  • Embedded cognitive services in the eClinicalWorks document management system to automate administrative tasks, including document identification, auto-assignment, and document routing
  • A new eClinicalWorks EHR copilot that summarizes patient-provider interactions, reducing administrative burdens and physician burnout, further enhanced by eClinicalWorks’ AI-based dictation service, Scribe

The integration of AI models into EHRs and practice management solutions is becoming increasingly prevalent in the healthcare industry. Just like Epic and Microsoft’s collaboration, eClinicalWorks recognizes the potential of AI technologies to revolutionize the way healthcare providers interact with their EHR systems. These advancements can lead to more efficient and accurate patient care, ultimately resulting in better patient outcomes.

As competitors in the EHR market, both eClinicalWorks and Epic are striving to provide their clients with state-of-the-art solutions. The integration of AI technologies, such as ChatGPT and generative AI, enables them to stay ahead of the curve and offer advanced features to healthcare providers. This competition pushes the entire industry forward in the race for AI integration, as companies continuously seek innovative ways to improve their services and enhance patient care.

The growing trend of incorporating AI models in EHRs highlights the potential benefits of these technologies for healthcare providers. Not only do they streamline workflows and minimize administrative burdens, but they also offer valuable insights that can lead to better patient care. However, the implementation of AI models also poses challenges, such as ensuring data privacy and mitigating the risk of biased algorithms. As a result, companies like eClinicalWorks and Epic must be diligent in developing transparent, ethical, and rigorously tested AI solutions.

Source: Business Wire (eClinicalWorks) – eClinicalWorks Brings ChatGPT and AI Models into EHR and Practice Management Solution