A recent report from Symplicity reveals that Generation Z workers highly value transparency in salary and job responsibilities during the job application process. The study, which surveyed 3,700 U.S. college students, found pay transparency and equity as the most prioritized diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiative, with 87% of respondents rating it as crucial.

Key Points

  • The majority of respondents (53%) would be discouraged from applying for a job if it did not list a specific salary range
  • Approximately 59% of students expressed concerns about possessing the right qualifications for desired jobs
  • Unrealistic job requirements would deter 65% of applicants

In an era where information is at our fingertips, the Generation Z workforce seeks more transparency in the workplace, especially during the job application process. This demand is more apparent in aspects such as salary and job responsibilities, according to a report from Symplicity, a market-leading student engagement platform.

The findings clearly show that Generation Z, who are currently transitioning from college to the workforce, are eager to understand what they’re getting into before accepting job offers. They seek clarity on what their responsibilities would be, what their career path could look like, and most importantly, how they will be compensated. An overwhelming 87% of respondents rated pay transparency and equity as the most significant diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiative.

Salary range played a crucial role in this survey. Without a specific salary range, about 53% of respondents would hesitate to apply for a job. These findings suggest that potential employers who are more transparent about pay scales might have a better chance of attracting Gen Z applicants.

Similarly, realistic job descriptions are another aspect Gen Z is concerned about. Approximately 59% of students indicated concerns about whether they possess the right qualifications for their targeted jobs. In fact, unrealistic job requirements would deter 65% of potential job seekers from even applying. This concern was found to be more prevalent among women, with 63% voicing these concerns, compared to 52% of men.

In light of these findings, Symplicity suggests employers to consider revising their job descriptions to make them more realistic and transparent. By doing so, companies could significantly enhance their appeal to the Gen Z workforce and potentially see a surge in quality applications.

Source (via Symplicity): Better Job Descriptions and Pay Transparency: Top Priorities for Gen Z Identified in New Symplicity Student Survey