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EHR Go-Live: Implementation & Activation

From Support & Planning to Resource Scheduling & Delivery, Go-Lives require fool-proof logistics to properly support your physicians and clinical staff.

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We’ve staffed and managed more than 200 Successful Go-Lives.

“Thank you for making this process and decision very easy for Cerner. We absolutely love working with SaaM.”

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Client Support

The SaaM Employee Care Model enables the deployment and delivery of resources to a project site within 48 hours or less.

  • 24/7 Resource Management
  • On-Demand Workforce Flexibility

  • Pre-Screened for Immediate Onboarding

  • General ledger review.

Resource Support

To keep our consultants on the road, they need to be happy. SaaM’s 24/7 Employee Care Team is dedicated to making life, and work, easier.

  • 100% Travel Planning & Management

  • Hotel & Transportation Arrangements

  • Expense Processing & Expedited Reimbursements
  • Estate and gift tax planning.

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