If I were thinking about using a recruiter, I’d first want to know 3 things:

  1. Can they understand my organization and what makes for the best cultural fit?

  2. Can they quickly find a better pool of candidates based on that knowledge?

  3. Can they help secure the best candidate - even if that candidate is not looking for a change?

Watch this video about Spiras Health’s experience (less than 1 min) and how partnering with a recruiter led them to find and hire their ideal candidate:  

Companies with internal recruiters might not even consider an agency, but often, critical hires or time-sensitive roles require a staffing partner that excels with those type of placements.

An effective recruiting partner needs to have a streamlined process that accomplishes at least three things:  

Design the ideal team member profile

Reverse engineering the important attributes of the existing team is the first step in knowing where to start the search. What makes the current employees successful at what they do? What are the core values of the team and the organization at large? The answers to those questions are essential in building the ideal team member silhouette.

Map the outcomes

Having a crystal clear definition of what success looks like for the role is paramount. Investing quality time with the team and being transparent with expectations and outcomes filters out unqualified candidates quickly. That time spent up front provides clarity for the right prospects and prevents everyone involved from wasting resources.

Deliver qualified candidates

Okay, we made it through the first two steps, which makes the last part straightforward. Any candidates who align with core values and have the sought-for skill set are presented to the company. Once the team has seen the candidates it’s a matter of determining the pros and cons of each profile and having the guidance of the effective recruiting partner during the interview process.

One of the reasons why we love to staff tough assignments is that we get to work with growing teams like Spiras Health. We don’t shy away from challenging searches where the placement means the difference between getting the next round of funding or not. With the right process in place, the search is still of course a challenge, but means we get to help create teams that click together.