When a health IT company needs highly specialized trainers at a moment’s notice, and when the trainers need to walk into an operating room and teach clinicians how to use a niche electronic medical record (EMR) program - staffing the right personnel can make or break the success of an implementation. 

Providing the industry-leading electronic medical record for anesthesia, AneScan ensures implementations are successful through onsite training in the operating room. 

Knowing that EMR trainers need to possess a unique mix of technical and clinical expertise, AneScan originally thought they would have to hire trainers in a full time capacity. 

But as the staffing demands were somewhat unpredictable, it quickly became apparent that hiring full time employees was not going to be cost effective. 

AneScan was in a tough spot with a lot on the line - trainers have to be accessible, highly trained, and their schedule must be flexible and catered to client needs.

That’s when AneScan approached Staffing as a Mission. They wanted to make sure that all the EMR trainers they engaged seamlessly merged with the AneScan team without missing a beat on both the clinical and technical side.

Listen to the perspective of Brian Williams, COO of AneScan, below:

Having reliable resources available when you need them is extremely important, and Staffing as a Mission assuaged AneScan’s very real pain point.

But as Brian later put it, “because we are a niche EMR, it is always hard to find the right personnel that are available. But when we first engaged SaaM for trainers, they were able to locate the right resource at all the myriad locations that we have, and provide consistency and quality that we need for the implementations.”

The nature of implementations particularly challenged AneScan’s staffing requirements and plans. Often times the providers are meeting AneScan in person for the first time at the time of implementation. It’s not good enough to have only technical or clinical proficiency - you have to have the right cultural knowledge, to understand the specific team with which you’re working.

The right talent is essential, and ensuring that the trainers represent the AneScan team in a professional and cultural manner was the component that made each implementation go from average to exceptional. 

The American Staffing Association describes the five reasons that clients engage staffing firms: fit, candidate pool, speed, flexibility and specialized talent.

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We focus our energies in each of these five key areas, but at Staffing as a Mission, we don’t see our role as merely filling positions.

Instead, we work to deliver expert guidance at every step of the way. We strive to provide real, strategic value as a long-term partner. We do our due diligence so our clients don’t have to. We extensively screen our candidates and ensure that our employees are the right technical and cultural fit. 

Mere access to labor is not the reason our clients keep working with us. 

The reason we are able to deliver staffing excellence for our clients is because of the legwork we do behind the scenes. We strive to provide a level of customer service that is often dismissed as “unscalable” and “too high touch”. 

To get to know what our customers really need, we routinely spend a considerable amount of time with them (often onsite) to learn their organizational culture and understand the essential characteristics of an ideal team member. 

That is the part that often gets overlooked in a client/staffing firm relationship, and to us, it’s the part we like best.