Our CEO and founder, Jonathan Barnes, was recently featured on the Josh Wheeler Show to share the story of Staffing as a Mission. On the show he speaks about a wide range of topics, and specifically how everything circles back to his faith, his passion for helping people, and building relationships. 

One story in particular that he shares is the events leading up to beginning SaaM. After spending  12 years at a national healthcare staffing firm, Jonathan worked for 2.5 years at a Health IT data/analytics startup. Like so many startups, they ran out of funding, and he was left suddenly without a job.

While that morning he found out he was unemployed, that afternoon he had a happy surprise: his stock payout check from his previous staffing firm was waiting for him at home. After taking a 30 month break from staffing, Jonathan was free to dream and consider starting his own staffing company. He drew from his experience with the large corporation, the tiny data startup, and was inspired by a Bible study. In Jonathan’s mind, the goal was to be successful at driving business with clients equally as much as prioritizing relationships and giving back, in other words, to be a business as mission.

Seeing the story that all these different threads being woven together in a really pretty incredible tapestry over time - that’s been inspiring and hard to see in the moment but pretty cool to see when you look back.

By partnering with service focused organizations, developing and leading a mission-focused team, Jonathan explains how his idea for growing a business that he could be proud of must have an impact beyond the bottom line. He also talks about importance of mentors, Chariots of Fire, and the advice he’d give to aspiring entrepreneurs.

Listen to the whole thing below:

I want us to be the best staffing and recruiting company that you’ve ever worked with.