An employee may be a flawless on-paper fit for a position with their resume polished to perfection, but if they lack good character, they simply won’t last. Luckily, Rebecca is not one of those employees. Kasey Carmona, one of SaaM’s recruiters, described Rebecca as someone who is “extremely detail-oriented, trustworthy and always keeps her word.”

There was only one problem for Rebecca: she was working in a full-time job where she couldn't see herself going anywhere. 

Rebecca started to work with Kasey in September and together they began the search for somewhere that would compliment all that Rebecca has to offer. “It's difficult to hunt for a new job while working full time, and so to know that someone I trusted was also looking for positions for me, and advocating on my behalf, was such a relief,” Rebecca recalled. Kasey was so excited to be a part of Rebecca’s journey and noted, “I was committed to helping her find a new opportunity that showcased her many strengths and provided great joy for her.” Rebecca’s character helped make Kasey’s task that much easier because “she is the kind of person you want on your team!”

After diligently searching, Kasey was able to find a position that not only illuminates Rebecca’s strengths, but also pushes her to grow.

“I was recently placed at a financial planning company, where I get to interact with everyone that walks through the door. I’ve been able to learn new programs and systems in order to assist my coworkers and our clients well,” mentioned Rebecca. Kasey was proud to walk alongside Rebecca and grateful that “she found a wonderful company to bring value to.”

When looking back to her journey on the job hunt Rebecca said, “Working with Kasey at SaaM was so convenient and valuable for me.” It is crucial to find a suitable and fulfilling job and the search is made that much easier when you have someone on your team.