What initially draws you to a company?

It may be a convenient opportunity, a company’s coveted status, or a position with security and financial stability. For Mandy, the mission behind our company drew her to Staffing as a Mission. “Just understanding the company mission attracted me to [it], and made me want to be a part of such a great idea for a business model,” Mandy recalled.

Here at SaaM, we are passionate about using the gifts that God has given us as a way to bless others—in our community and others around the world. Ten percent of every dollar we earn supports ministries and charities who are making a difference through their work. We also donate our time and talent—volunteering and promoting the great work our ministry partners are doing.

The why behind what we do may have intrigued Mandy’s early interest, but the opportunity to grow professionally was another draw.

Mandy says, “You can tell from the moment you first contact them that they care about you and your situation personally and professionally.” She was placed in her first consulting position and was extremely appreciative of the support she received from SaaM through her transition. When noting the encouragement she felt, she said “they worked to thoroughly explain everything, advocate on my behalf, and followed up with me when I was on the road to make sure I was doing well in my travel and work assignment.”

Jon McEwen, Healthcare IT Director at SaaM, has worked closely with Mandy: "It has been a blessing to our company to hire someone like Mandy. She is one of the brightest within her profession and was able to add value to our client immediately. Within the first ten days of Mandy’s contract, her manager called to thank us for sending her to their company. She is one of the rare ones in the business and we are grateful to have her on board."

SaaM’s support has, in turn, given her the confidence to be an advocate on our behalf.  She says, “I feel confident in referring people to work with SaaM, and feel so lucky to have met such great people with a wonderful mission.”