Socially responsible. Triple bottom lineBusiness as Mission (BAM).

These are all terms associated with the powerful idea that companies can make a local and global community impact beyond just profits. Looking at the landscape of companies doing great work, you have the TOMSPatagonias, and Chick-fil-As of the world with very recognizable brands and missions. You also have smaller companies like Boll & BranchThr!ve CoffeeSoapboxWork of Worth, andONEHOPE doing incredible things with their products and profits.

Almost 2 months ago, a friend and I were discussing the idea of business as mission and in particular product companies that funded the particular mission/conviction of the company. Diversified Conveyors is one such company that funds a ton of local and global ministries as a part of its work in Memphis. They have millions in revenue and give away a significant portion of profits.

What if, we discussed over breakfast, we created a company that funded great work of Christian ministries that we cared deeply about? How hard would it be to be a service company vs. being focused on products? Much of my career has been spent within the temporary & contract staffing industry. Why not marry talents and experience with my passion for missions?

October 9th was when the idea for SaaM came to be, and just in time for Christmas, we're open for business and ready to help! Our primary mission is to do an outstanding job coming through for business' staffing needs. SaaMcodes is focused on software development and SaaMcares is the clinical staffing division.

We also desire to help others beyond our bottom line. Our mission partners range from online training for non-English-speaking pastors to athletic summer camps for inner city kids. More information on our ministry partners is at

If this resonates with you let us know. Call us at 615.647.6225, or email